Terms & Conditions For Guardian / Employer

1. You know and agree that First two days will be the demo classes and the Tutor / Teacher will continue further only after first month tuition fee payment received by Tezzas Tutorial.

2. In some special circumstances, Apart from first month tuition fee we also have right to collect / receive tuition fee for any other month from Guardian / Student on behalf of Teacher ( Tutor ).

3. You know and agree that verified * Teacher / Tutor means, we have his / her ID & Address proof along with academic records provided by him / her . Same can be provided to you and Legal Authority on demand only when there is Legal requirement for relevant cause.

3A. You know and agree that you will provide / send ( Whatsapp  or Email ) clear pic of valid ID and address proof ( Aadhar preferred ) before hiring a Lady teacher.

4  . You know and agree that You have received 'class attendance & fee payment sheet' for maintenance of records regarding classes & fee payments. You will return this sheet to us / our Tutor on the day of tuition discontinuation .

5. You know and agree that after finalization of Tutor / Teacher, you will have to pay / get adjusted against tuition fee Rs. 300=/ only as One Time Registration* Fee apart from agreed monthly tuition fee. Tuition fee is non-refundable . Reg. Fee will be refunded after passing 12th Std exam by Registered student .

6.  Registration of student includes only the service to provide / supply / replace* Teacher ( Tutor ) whenever student / Guardian demands. *Providing / supply / replacement of Teacher ( Tutor ) is subject matter of availability of Teacher ( Tutor ) at the point of time .

7. You know and agree that you will not misbehave with our Tutor / Teacher or us. Continuity of any Teacher ( Tutor) for tuition is subject matter of ( depends on) harmonious relationship between you and teacher ( Tutor) and other conditions / reasons for teacher ( Tutor ). However you can get teacher (Tutor) replaced* any time, after completion of first month of a Teacher (Tutor).

8. You know and agree that if you call a Tutor / Teacher after a gap of few days / weeks / months of the trial class then it is the duty of you to inform us about that. ( See Term no. 9 )

9. You know and agree that If you hide from us the running of tuition / doing job by our Tutor / Teacher , first of all registration of student will be cancelled and we'll not be responsible / able to provide id /address proof /other details of Tutor /Teacher on demand.

10. You know and agree you will pay tuition fee / salary on due date ( messaged by us ) to the Tutor /Teacher from second month and onwards. You will have to pay tuition fee / salary for each class given by our Tutor / Teacher at discontinuation of tuition / job by your /Tutor /Teacher /Our side . You are suggested to inform us about any advance fee / salary payment to our Tutor /Teacher before making it .


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